Previous results prompted us to follow the demand to produce wine from this region. It has mineral enriched soil. This particular location benefits from both the sun and a breeze. Consequently, at VILLA VINEA we focus on innovation, sophistication, craftsmanship and passion.

We are targeting markets outside Romania in order to reacquaint people with Romania’s longstanding wine culture. Romania has a four thousand year old wine tradition and stands with Georgia as one of the birthplaces of wine. Transylvania is historically a white wine region. Here, there is a longstanding tradition of primarily indigenous types such as Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala.

The white wine from VILLA VINEA was instantly a great success. At the most important Romanian wine tasting event in Bucharest in 2012, VILLA VINEA was immediately awarded a total of 24 gold medals. Thus, the VILLA VINEA vineyard is one of the most decorated Romanian wine cellars.

In addition, the newly founded vineyard is the first producer in the region to bring to the Market a range of extremely interesting red wines including Feteasca Neagra. This wine has been enthusiastically received by all.