The VILLA VINEA estate is managed by Cristian Podar. In 2014 the ex- financial manager decided to turn his hobby into his profession and started dedicating himself to the world of wine. Dynamic, thoughtful and future-oriented he guides and directs this up-and-coming and ambitious company. Coming from a wine region and being a trained sommelier, he brings all necessary requirements to successfully guide the VILLA VINEA estate into the future with its high-quality and sustainable wines.

As the cellar master, Misi Denes is responsible for the quality and development of the VILLA VINEA wines. He was able to learn his profession with internationally acknowledged cellar masters in Italy. Today, he is being supported by Celestino Lucin – nominated in 2009 as Italy’s best cellar master – with his knowledge and experience.

Szocs Dezso and his team work in the vineyard. Every year, their knowledge of viticulture and the vines, their daily commitment and work in the vineyard in collaboration with the cellar master Misi Denes furnish the quality of the grapes from which the VILLA VINEA quality wines are pressed.

In the more intense months, people from the surrounding villages support the team. They all help with joy and enthusiasm in the vineyards and contribute to the success of the estate.